How To Remove Dirt From your Gele

Have you been bothered with how to keep your headtie clean? As a lady, with our daily needs to apply facial masks and other body enhancing products to our skin, we sometimes get into situations where we stain our dresses and headtie with this. And this is where the fear about headties come from, how to maintain them week in and week out in a condition that they remain fashionable and party worthy.

You need not worry anymore. Having listened to many of our clients complaining about their inadequate knowledge regarding cleaning their Gele, I have put up this video as a go-to resource to provide you with the needed information on how to remove stains from your Gele. For a simple clean, you will need the following items:

  1. A detergent stain remover;
  2. An old tooth brush and
  3. Running water.

For obvious reasons, I always advise our clients to put on their make-up first before adorning their head with their Gele. The reason being that if you put on your Gele first, in the process of applying your foundation and trying to cover your head/hair edges you will surely end up staining the Gele.  Another important point is not to wear your Gele to close to your forehead. Doing this will allow your baby hairs to show and you can make these attractive by applying edge control gel on them to make them flat.

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