Press The Reset Button

Thinking of aging gracefully, have you given some thought to changing your hair style? Cutting it short.

For me, hair is more than just a look, it is a bold reflection of who I am, an identity of some sort. When I look at my reflection in the mirror, I am emboldened and energised that I can accomplish my goals.

Your hair speaks a million words about you, all without you opening your mouth.

I cut my hair when I turned 50 year of age.  Since cutting my hair, it is like I have pressed the reset button on youthfulness.  Apart from this, I can now shower from my head down every day.  No more hitting and scratching my head because it’s itching, something common with women adorning braids or wearing wigs. Add to that, freedom from headache commonly caused from braiding my hair.

What is the worst that can happen if you give this a try? Nothing really, you can always grow your hair back if you do not like it short. My experience is that you’ll look more beautiful when you do this. Since cutting mine, I have heard countless people telling me, Saf your hair looks so good or your hair makes you look 10 years younger. I only wish that I had done this sooner than I did.

You got this girl, be bold and get a hair cut.

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