Our Story


A passion for making people beautiful, an understanding of each individual's uniqueness and a lifelong commitment to YOU.

Our business started from a passion. Our passion has always been “making people beautiful”. It is a passion that we have been committed to for the 20 years of our existence. It is a commitment that will keep driving our business – making YOU beautiful.

Our believe is that your outward beauty helps your inward beauty, it defines the real you and is a testament to the public of your self-confidence.

From our humble beginnings in Ikorodu, in the back waters of Lagos, we have remained true to this. We have taken our interests across the world and we are still as passionate about our focus as we were at the beginning, delivering “Total Beauty” for today’s woman.

A Legacy of Innovation

Our styles are driven by the motherland – Africa. From Cape to Cairo, Dakar to Mombasa, we are thrilled about the vibrancy of the colours, the diversity of materials and the resplendency of the designs that are available to work with. Africa offers so much that we are discovering more and more possibilities daily. We all have heard of the beautiful Nubians, of Queen Nefertiti of yore. And of course, we have the modern day Agbani Darego, Oluchi, Nyadak Thot and Alek Wek. These are the amazing models that define Africa. We are daily driven by the legends of these beauties in our work. These underlie our choice of cosmetics, their applications, the fabric choices, colours, textures, designs and finally the fit out to bring out the best in YOU.

Our works are regularly featured in beauty magazines all over the world such as Wedding Planner and Shoppers Choice. We have also showcased our offerings at some of the world’s top beauty exhibitions like the Dallas Annual Hair Show and the annual Miss Africa Perth competitions. Some of the recognitions and awards we have received are from the Chevron Women’s Network and EFFIZZIE magazine for an award for the Total Woman Make-Over Category.

You are already created as a very beautiful canvas, our work is to sharpen this beauty through the various services we provide. Why not give us a trial, you will be amazed. We guarantee it.


“Madam, my Gele was the talk of the wedding in Brisbane”.

____ Diana (Perth-Australia)

“Thank you, I finally have beautiful tailored to fit outfits for my various occasions”.

_______Matia.O (Adelaide-Australia)

“The costumes we hired from you for our photo shoot was a life/cost saver and helped reduced my stress.”

______Rita.B (Perth-Australia)

Save money & save our planet by choosing quality over quantity!