Chance to win 50% discount on Tickets

As part of the promotion campaign for the Perth African Fashion Show 2020, the team at D’Beautifiers will be providing a few 50%discounted tickets for those planning to attend.

To be entered into the draw that will be taking place, kindly fill the form below:

Enter your phone number here
Briefly tell us what you think about the Perth African Fashion Show and you stand to win a free ticket to the event, or a free Headgear (Gele)
Tell us about your age group, click the most appropriate
Including you in our database will allow us to contact you for discount opportunities, promotional vouchers and be among the first to know about our new arrivals and shows.

2 thoughts on “Chance to win 50% discount on Tickets”

  1. Angeline Jemwa says:

    Thank you choosing me to be part of the program.

  2. Annita Ndlovu says:

    Excited for this year’s fashion show!!

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