D’Beautifiers as a CaLDpreneur

Valuing Diversity in Business

We are a business driven by passion to promote Africa through fashion and be a trail blazer for those that will follow-up in our footsteps

Safuratu Bakare

On Monday, D’Beautifiers will be featuring on CalDpreneurs Live. The program, anchored by Ephraim Osaghae (Founder & CEO of CaLDpreneurs / MPB) focuses on discussing the journeys of migrant Australian business men and women across the Australian landscape.

On the program, we will be providing our esteemed clients and followers information on our journey so far – how we have gotten here. In doing this, we will provide tit-bits on the lessons learned on our journey and some mistakes and challenges that we have faced over the years with the aim of ensuring that new entrepreneurs are spared these headaches.

Dateline is 16th Nov and time is 6pm. We look forward to your joining us on the program .As added incentive, we will be giving listeners the opportunity to win a free ticket to the much talked about Perth African Fashion Show 2020 holding on 12th December. For a chance to win, log in to Facebook or Youtube by that time using the following links:

(1) Facebook – Multicultural Professional Bridge
(2) Youtube – Multicultural Professional Bridge

Perth African Fashion Show 2020 Loading – For information about this show and to purchase your tickets, please click here


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